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General research topics of the lab

  • Nuclear organization
  • Intracellular transport between the nucleus and the cytoplasm
  • Nuclear pore structure and function
  • mRNA transport and degradation

Some of the questions we’d love to answer

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• How does the nuclear pore complex function and assemble?
• How is mRNA directionally transported across the nuclear pore complex?
• How does the regulation of mRNA degradation contribute to the regulation of gene expression?
• How does the three-dimensional organization of the genome affect gene expression?
• What are the roles of the GTPase Ran in interphase and mitosis?

Some of the techniques and methods we apply to solve these problems

  • Yeast genetics and cell biology
  • In vitro biochemistry
  • Systematic high-throughput approaches
  • Mammalian tissue culture
  • Fluorescence microscopy
  • Structural biology
  • Single-molecule imaging
  • In addition, we always seek to develop novel techniques and innovative approaches to answer the intriguing questions listed above…
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