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The Institute of Biochemistry (IBC) is integrated into the ETH BSc/MSc Program in Biology. We contribute several lecture- and lab-based courses to the Bachelor curriculum. In addition, we coordinate the Master program in Biochemistry, which focuses on teaching Biochemistry in the context of cellular function, thereby extending traditional biochemical approaches to include modern cell biological and genetic methods. Two IBC lecturers  are responsible for the overall coordination and further development of the IBC teaching activities.

In recent years our courses were very well evaluated by our students. We are proud of this achievement and will continue to dedicate ourselves to creating a dynamic atmosphere for learning.


During the first two Bachelor years, members of the IBC give various lectures within the framework of the basic Biology training, and organise an introductory practical course focusing on basic biochemical methods.

The third year of the Bachelor program is composed of a combination of Concept-Courses and Block-Courses (see also D-Biol website). The IBC currently organises two different Concept-Courses: Cellular Biochemistry (recommended for students planning to obtain a Master in Biochemistry) and Concepts in Modern Genetics (jointly organised with the University of Zurich).

In addition we offer several Block-Courses, and participate in a course organised by the CC-SPMD (Competence Center of Systems Physiology and Metabolic Diseases). Subjects we cover include methods in biochemistry, RNA biology, and regulation of cell growth, division and polarity.


The Master program in Biochemistry builds on the broad training of the Bachelor. Our goals are to teach advanced, research-oriented knowledge in cellular Biochemistry. In parallel, we put emphasis on the development of skills such as problem-solving thinking, writing scientific reports and critical evaluation of scientific literature.

These goals are reflected by the Master courses we offer. The students will often work independently in small groups in close contact with a coach, and have the opportunity to present their work to their colleagues. Many of the important skills will be acquired during the Research- and Masterprojects, and we provide an updated, detailed list of potential Projects available in IBC research groups.

For questions concerning the Master program in Biochemistry, please contact the student advisor:
Alicia Smith web, phone: +41 44 632 31 37).

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