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To be eligible for a Masters project, a student should be admitted to a Masters program. Registered ETH Masters students, please use your ETH user name and password. For external students who have an interest in performing their Masters research within the Institute of Biochemistry, please contact Alicia Smith for more information.

Master and semester projects for biology, biophysics and bioinformatics students are available in the group. They are related to the questions summarized below. Please contact Karsten Weis or Elisa Dultz for inquiries.

The life of mRNAs: from transcription to mRNA degradation.

As the messenger between the nucleus and the cytoplasm, mRNA is at the center of the regulation of gene expression in eukaryotes. We study various aspects that control mRNA abundance and availability starting with transcriptional regulation in the nucleus followed by the export through the nuclear pore complex and finally the degradation in the cytoplasm. Among the questions that we ask are:

  • How does nuclear organization and chromatin structure influence transcription?
  • What is the mechanism of mRNA export and how is it regulated?
  • What is the structure of the nuclear pore complex?
  • How does the nuclear pore complex function in the transport of mRNA and proteins?
  • What is the mechanism of cytoplasmic mRNA degradation and how is it regulated?
  • How do cells respond to acute nutrient withdrawal?
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