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The first year of the Bachelor program is supported by the IBC through frontal lectures given by the Professors and through associated practical laboratory-based courses. We redirect you to individual webpages for more information on "Grundlagen der Biologie IA " lectures and "Grundlagen der Biologie I (Praktikum) " practical courses.

The second year of the Bachelor program continues with both frontal lectures and practical courses. The IBC faculty participate in the "Grundlagen der Biologie IIA " lectures.

The third year of the Bachelor program is composed of a combination of Concept-Courses and Block-Courses. The goal of the Concept-Courses is to teach the fundamental principles and concepts underlying an entire field in Biology. The Block-Courses aim is to communicate scientific research as a process using a combination of lectures, experimental work in the lab, discussion of literature, scientific presentations and other activities. A clearly defined biological problem will be analyzed in detail during a 12 day course.

If you have any questions concerning the format or content of a particular course, please contact either the coordinator listed below for each course, or the IBC lecturers .

The IBC currently organizes the following Concept-Courses:

Cellular Biochemistry I

  • coordinator: Ulrike Kutay
  • course number: 551-0319-00 (full-year course together with 551-0320-00)
  • course scripts at the ETH Moodle site require a nethz account.

Cellular Biochemistry II

Concepts in Modern Genetics

  • coordinators: Yves Barral and Alex Hajnal
  • course number: 551-0309-00
  • organized as a joint course with the University of Zurich
  • scripts will be available on the OLAT server (course name "BIO348".)

We currently offer the following Block-Courses:

Molecular mechanisms of cellular dynamics

  • coordinator: Benoit Kornmann
  • course number: 551-0339-00
  • more course details provided at the beginning of the course

Methods in Cellular Biochemistry

Molecular mechanisms of cell growth and polarity

  • coordinator: Ruth Kroschewski
  • course number: 551-0347-00
  • course details at the ETH Moodle site require a nethz account (available a few weeks before the start of the course, participants only)

Cause and Consequences of Unstable Genomes

Growth Control: Insights from Yeast and Flies

  • coordinator: Hugo Stocker
  • course number: 551-0371-00
  • more course details provided at the beginning of the course
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