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Selected Publications

P. Leuenberger, S. Ganscha, A. Kahraman, V. Cappelletti, P.J. Boersema, C. von Mering, M. Claassen, P. Picotti. Cell-wide analysis of protein thermal unfolding reveals determinants of thermostability. (2017) Science, 355 (6327).

M. Soste, R. Hrabakova, S. Wanka, A. Melnik, P. Boersema, A. Maiolica, T. Wernas, M. Tognetti, C. von Mering, P. Picotti. A sentinel protein assay for simultaneously quantifying cellular processes. (2014) Nat Methods, 11(10):1045-8.

Y. Feng, G. De Franceschi, A. Kahraman, M. Soste, A. Melnik, P.J. Boersema, P.P. de Laureto, Y. Nikolaev, A.P. Oliveira, P. Picotti. Global analysis of protein structural changes in complex proteomes. (2014) Nat. Biotechnol., 32(10):1036-44.

P. Picotti, M. Clément-Ziza, H. Lam, D.S. Campbell, A. Schmidt, E.W. Deutsch, H. Röst, Z. Sun, O. Rinner, L. Reiter, Q. Shen, J.J. Michaelson, A. Frei, S. Alberti, U. Kusebauch, B. Wollscheid, R.L. Moritz, A. Beyer, R. Aebersold. A complete mass-spectrometric map of the yeast proteome applied to quantitative trait analysis. (2013) Nature, 494(7436):266-70.

P. Picotti, B. Bodenmiller, L.N. Müller, B. Domon, R. Aebersold. Full dynamic range proteome analysis of S. cerevisiae by targeted proteomics. (2009) Cell, 138(4):795-806.

P. Picotti, O. Rinner, R. Stallmach, F. Dautel, H. Wenschuh, T. Farrah, B. Domon, R. Aebersold. High-throughput generation of selected reaction-monitoring assays for proteins and proteomes. (2010) Nat. Methods, 7(1):43-6.

P. Picotti, H. Lam, D. Campbell, E.W. Deutsch, H. Mirzaei, J. Ranish, B. Domon, R. Aebersold. A database of mass spectrometric assays for the yeast proteome. (2008) Nat. Methods. 5(11):913-4.

M.A. Krzyzaniak, M.T. Zumstein, J.A. Gerez, P. Picotti, A. Helenius. Host cell entry of respiratory syncytial virus involves macropinocytosis followed by proteolytic activation of the F protein. (2013) PLoS Pathog., 9(4):e1003309.

F. Di Girolamo, P.G. Righetti, M. Soste, Y. Feng, P. Picotti. Reproducibility of combinatorial peptide ligand libraries for proteome capture evaluated by selected reaction monitoring. (2013) J. Proteomics, 89:215-26.

M. Altvater, Y. Chang, A. Melnik, L. Occhipinti, S. Schütz, U. Rothenbusch, P. Picotti, V.G. Panse. Targeted proteomics reveals compositional dynamics of 60S pre-ribosomes after nuclear export. (2012) Mol. Syst. Biol., 2012;8:628.


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