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The Institute of Biochemistry committed itself to actively pursue the following five goals:

1. Renewing Biochemistry: From in vitro to in vivo, and back

To understand biochemical processes one must eventually be able to visualize and characterize them in their physiological context. While the test tube remains essential for molecular studies, it is not enough. We are dedicated to novel techniques and approaches that allow us to study molecular mechanisms both in vivo and in vitro.

2. Reaching out to other fields

Progress frequently arises from cross-fertilization between fields. We seek contacts with colleagues throughout the natural sciences, taking advantage of our location at the ETH, one of the top technology and engineering schools in Europe. Our approaches cover classical Biochemistry, Molecular Genetics, Cell Biology, Functional Genomics, Advanced Light Microscopy, Micro-Fluidics, Material Engineering and Computer Science.

3. Reaching out to the world

We are connected with other researchers and institutions throughout the world, and the people the people in the Institute are highly international. Our common language is English, and our group leaders, graduate students, postdocs and visitors provide a cosmopolitan, cooperative, and stimulating environment. We also pay strong attention to our duty to reach out to the general public and disseminate our knowledge in the society.

4. Investing into future generations

Beyond our duties in teaching modern Biochemistry to undergraduate and graduates students, our teaching also aims at forming knowledgeable and curious students and future scientists that are skilled for problem solving, self-directed learning, experiment design, as well as the critical evaluation and presentation of scientific results.
We also nurture an environment where junior scientists are given the opportunity and the support needed to establish themselves as independent investigators. Their work and their inspiration provide the Institute with substance to build novel leaderships in our fields.

5. Joining forces

Current research does not only depend on costly equipment but also on sharing experience and coordinating efforts. The Institute of Biochemistry actively supports the development of joint facilities, where money, equipment, and experience are most efficiently invested. It also invests in a dedicated staff to coordinate efforts and communication among ourselves.

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